Two small tables are setup, one for the washing bowl, and one as the altar of Vesta.

The Amministra goes to prepare an area that has been previously set off and sanctified as a templum. She asperses the area around the altars with pure water as he or she circles it three times. The Amministra first hails and invokes Vesta to the rite.

Vesta favor me. To You now our voices lift in praise as by this rite it is allowed that we may approach You.

The Amministra is next assisted in the washing of the hands of the presenters.

O Vesta, if I have always brought pure hands to your secret services, make it so now.

The Amministra lights the fire on the altar of Vesta, offering laurel, and praying.

Vesta, watch over her whose hand tends the Holy Fire. Live well, fires. O live, I pray, undying flames.

The Amministra tends the flame of Vesta in the West.

The remainder of ritual participants approach the altar, assisted in washing their hands.